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Monthly Claim Tracking – Every patient/claim is audited weekly until fully reimbursed. Episode range is also tracked to promote timeliness of payments. Our staff is likewise in constant search for clerical errors or similar issues to ensure that no claim goes unpaid. With their extensive knowledge and experience they are available for advice for any complex situations.

Recovery Billing – At Brown Consulting and Billing, we understand the importance of receiving the proper reimbursement from insurance companies/Private payers. That is why we offer a Recovery service that will not only ensure that every episode of every claim is accounted for, but we can also find payments that may have been lost for whatever reason.

Agency Acquisition – Interested in entering the Home Health Agency market? We can work with you. We specialize in aiding acquisitions to ensure that the strenuous process is completed smoothly and as quickly as possible. Conversely, we can work with those looking to sell. Whether it’s looking for buyers or determining what the agency is worth, we offer guidance for the best possible outcome.

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